Director & Co-Creator, Fair Funding Solutions

Marlen Mondaca is a feminist leader and strategist with over 25 years of experience leading and supporting programs in the international and Canadian aid sector, where she worked with both small and large INGOs, supporting both humanitarian and development programming.

Marlen worked with Oxfam and then Save the Children. During her time with Save, she managed multi-million dollar, complex multi-country and multi- sectoral programs. She brought a strong human rights and gender equality lens to all her work. In her capacity as Director and then Chief of Programs and Policy Officer, Marlen oversaw both the international and Canadian programs. During her last two years with Save the Children, Marlen took on the role of Special Advisor on Strategy and Thought Leadership, which allowed her to deepen her understanding of external trends impacting the international aid sector. She authored three papers focused on localization, the triple nexus and climate change.

Marlen is currently consulting with a focus on supporting organizations with localization and decolonization of aid. She is deeply committed to continuing to work towards supporting organisations in their journeys towards creating more equitable, inclusive and sustainable partnerships. Since 2021 Marlen serves as a Co-Chair of Cooperation Canada’s Localization Working Group. The group facilitates the discussions and learning on locally led initiatives in the humanitarian and development sector.

Marlen holds two master’s degrees, one in political science and the other in journalism.