Alex is the Executive Director of the SEEP Network, supporting the execution of programmes and initiatives and keeping focus on innovation and transformation of the SEEP Network.


He brings over 20 years of experience to the table with having worked in multiple roles for Counterpart International, in the United States and Armenia. As Chief Innovation Officer at CIVICUS, Alex provided strategic leadership and oversight on a diverse portfolio of technology and data-focused programming in support of civil society advocacy. Alex is passionate about figuring out how human beings can have a louder, more powerful voice and unhindered agency in what happens to their lives and in their communities; he firmly believes to never ask for permission when what’s at stake is ensuring human dignity.

Accountable Now

Accountable Now is legally registered in Germany at the following address:
c/o MACHWERK in der Alten Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin, Germany

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