Country Coordinator for Kosovo, TACSO

Afërdita Pustina is an expert in civil society and civic tech. Through her work she contributes to furthering democracy in Kosovo by empowering women, youth and civil society to participate in policy and decision-making processes. In the past, she designed the concept and led the implementation the online Digital Platform for Public Participation in Kosovo (, This innovative solution responds to an increased demand for improving transparency of government operations through a communication platform connecting residents and the Kosovo local government. Additionally, she ideated and led the implementation of the Kosovo Funding Portal ( Currently she is the Country Coordinator for Kosovo of the Technical Assistance to Civil Society (TACSO) Project. The project is implemented in Western Balkans and Turkey and works to enable CSOs to actively take part in the democratic processes and to stimulate an enabling environment for civil society and pluralistic media development and includes the cooperation with the Government. She is a Stanford University Certified Advanced Project Manager and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Project Management from the Erasmus Mundus Programme. She remains an active alumnus and volunteer in various programmes of professional interest.