Accountable Now is here to help its Members report against a framework of twelve Accountability Commitments, based upon the Global Standard. These form a comprehensive set of standards upon which our Independent Review Panel assesses our Members accountability.

Our approach to accountability

The work we do is defined by our dynamic approach to accountability. This systemic approach is grounded in the processes of meaningful engagement with all stakeholders and aims to be inclusive, participatory and continuously practiced. Find out more about what forms the basis of our accountability work.

reporting with accountable now

Being a Member of Accountable Now means reporting against our 12 Accountability Commitments. Through our comprehensive review system, led by our Independent Review Panel, we aim to help our Members improve their accountability practices. Discover what it means to report against our 12 Accountability Commitments!

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accountability in action: our projects & partnerships

As well as working closely with Members, we strive to work across a global CSO accountability network on a variety of projects and initiatives. Find out more about who we are working with and what exciting projects are being undertaken by CSOs across the world.