The World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA) is a global movement working for women’s empowerment, leadership and rights in more than 120 countries and 20’000 local communities.

Accountability Reports

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World YWCA’s Approach to Feedback from Internal Stakeholders
A helpful illustrative example is provided, outlining how MAs, staff, and partner organisations provided input on the development of World YWCA’s Goal 2035. The Panel notes positively the efforts to obtain input from a diverse membership base and to...
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World YWCA ensures an accountable movement through its strategy
The World YWCA took major decisions to implement the Accountability Commitments and adopted the Strategic Framework 2016-2019. The 3rd Goal in the Strategic Framework is to build an effective, well governed, accountable and sustainable movement that has...
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World YWCA is an organisation where young women strive
The World YWCA is an all-female organisation. The YWCA movement focuses on women’s empowerment within a human rights framework In addition, they focus on young women and girls, as the World YWCA has a policy that young women aged 30 or under form at...
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Episode 3: Gender Perspectives in Accountability
Each year, International Women's Day brings awareness to the need to advance women's rights and gender...
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