Accountability is about responsiveness to your key stakeholders. Many civil society organisations (CSOs) subscribe to this but few have figured out the whyhow and what of establishing both mechanisms and a culture of responsiveness to feedback and using stakeholder data (including feedback) to enhance decision making. Many CSOs use data to inform their strategies but getting real-time data to improve global decision making and to have this as part of their daily operations is the real challenge. How to filter data and push-it up the organisational hierarchy is not only a systems issue but a behavioural one too. CSOs have piles of data but their accuracy is questioned; they are under-used and they are in many cases in siloes. The bigger the organisation is, the more difficult the journey will be, but some have started to find a way.

Representatives of 16 CSOs – both members and non-members of Accountable Now, met for one and a-half-days at Greenpeace Netherlands to address this challenge. 

Workshop Agenda

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