How to empower your staff & volunteers: our 9th accountability commitment

Together with TECHO and Rendir Cuentas, we take a closer look at Accountable Now’s ninth accountability commitment: Empowered & effective staff and volunteers. This commitment encourages CSOs to invest in staff and volunteers to develop their full potential and achieve our goals.

Through this webinar, we will give you an exclusive insight into TECHO’s practices to engage and be accountable to their staff and volunteers with a presentation by Mar Botero, Sub Team Director.

The webinar will be facilitated by Rosa Inés Ospina, Co-Director of the organisation Rendir Cuentas. Rendir Cuentas promotes transparency and accountability of civil society organisations all over Latin America and the Caribbeans. She will introduce you to what we mean by “Dynamic Accountability” and how it relates to our commitment on “Effective & empowered staff and volunteers”.

Join us to find out how you can strengthen your practices towards this commitment and learn from your peers!


Rosa Inés Ospina | Co-director Rendir Cuentas & Accountable Now Independent Board member

Mar Botero  | Sub Team Director | TECHO – Internacional

*This webinar is conducted in Spanish.

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