Join us from 23 – 24 November to discuss how civil society can use accountability to inspire systemic changes that will help us achieve our ambitious goals.

Accountable Now is a convener for discussions on the powershift in the civil society sector and on helping CSOs and other actors understand how to have a lasting positive change on the people they work for and with.


The dynamic accountability approach that Accountable Now promotes, takes a systemic approach of accountability that puts meaningful, inclusive and locally-led engagement with stakeholders at the forefront.

Throughout our previous workshops we have learnt that:

  • Most of the sector acknowledges there is a need for systemic change, however progress towards realising systemic change is still limited.
  • Actors in the Global South need more space and prominence to ensure balanced and meaningful discussions can take place.
  • Accountability can and should play an important role in any systemic change processes.


Taking steps towards systemic change: 


In this context of mounting interest and acknowledgement of the need of a systemic change our 2021 Annual Workshop will address: 


How can the civil society sector apply a dynamic accountability approach to address the challenges that individuals, organisations, and the sector as a whole face when it comes to creating systemic change?
What are local actors demanding from ICSOs and how do those demands align with ICSO's missions? How can the powershift be a force for change, advance the sector's vision and at the same time enable fairer and more effective systems?
Although awareness of the need for systemic change by the sector seems to be increasing, what are the next steps? How can actors in the sector start shifting power? How can ICSOs remain accountable to different stakeholders while building efforts towards the powershift?

We acknowledge that the term ‘systemic change’ might be understood in several ways. We will be using systemic change to refer to processes (how is a particular new practice systemic?) and to outcomes (how is it contributing to changing a system?)

Who is this workshop for?


Decision-makers and innovators

from private foundations or institutional donor departments

People working in ICSOs

Accountable Now members and beyond

Staff of national level CSOs

from around the world

If you are interested but unsure whether this workshop is for you, please get in touch via email ( and we can assess your individual situation.

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Check out the full description of our Annual Workshop, including background and objectives!

Co-create with us!

Join us in designing and shaping the Annual Workshop agenda.

Please reach out to Hector if you would like to participate in the co-creation or co-facilitation of the workshop.

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