Accountable Now is a convener for discussions on the powershift in the civil society sector and on helping CSOs and other actors understand how to have a lasting positive change on the people they work for and with.


The dynamic accountability approach that Accountable Now promotes, takes a systemic approach of accountability that puts meaningful, inclusive and locally-led engagement with stakeholders at the forefront. 


This year during our Annual Workshop, which was held virtually November 23 – 24, we sought to understand how dynamic accountability can contribute to systemic changes and shifting the power. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants and hosts! 


Continue reading below to find the outcome document, along with ways to stay involved in these conversations.


View the Outcome Document

Read the outcome document for highlights and takeaways from this year’s workshop.

We would like to continue conversations on the themes that were discussed during the workshop. If you have a comment or suggestion on the workshop, or if you would like to share an idea of how we can support initiatives to advance dynamic accountability in the CSO sector, please contact Hector Payo at

Ways to Stay Involved: 


Join the Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice 






Share your ‘business card’ and connect with other participants you met with on this jamboard.





If you would like to view resources shared by workshop participants, or if you would like to share resources, please access this shared folder.