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Civil Society Organisation’s (CSOs) internal and external contexts are evolving at an unprecedented speed as the crisis provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic has no end in sight. Over the past 7 months, CSOs have had to: swiftly adapt to a fast paced and very uncertain environment; operate with limited funding as the pandemic has attracted a significant portion of resources; deal with persistent closing or shrinking of civic space due to states of emergency; implement more and stronger safeguarding measures not only in communities but also for staff. 

Whilst the situation can seem overwhelming, it has also proven that the sector can dramatically change the way it operates as we face chaos, uncertainty, and disruption. But,

  • How can we use this opportunity to learn from the adaptation process to a crisis which might seem temporary but in reality might become something permanent? 
  • How can we strengthen this new way of working and rethink the way CSOs are operating and implement new approaches which are more inclusive and innovative?
  • How can organisations use these extraordinary circumstances as an opportunity to challenge enduring assumptions and systemic problems that exist in the sector? 

These are some of the questions that we wish to explore at this year’s annual workshop as the Covid-19 pandemic pushes us to discuss systemic issues that our sector faces, such as power imbalances, toxic organisational culture, inclusivity, and ultimately, guaranteeing that the people we work for and with are the main drivers of our work.  


When and where

This year’s annual workshop will take place virtually between the 17 – 19 November 2020. Specific times are yet to be announced. 


Annual Workshop Fee
  • Members - €100
  • Non-members - €150
  • Donors/foundations - €200
  • Get 20% off with our early-bird special! Deadline to register: 30th September
  • We want to be as inclusive as possible. If your local-level organisations cannot afford the fee please contact us (see contact details at the bottom of this page).
Sponsor a participant
Donor organisations and foundations: sponsor a participant from a local-level CSO. With your contribution, we can ensure to get a wide range of civil society actors attending the workshop and bring their insights to the table. Let us know in the registration form below!

the agenda

We are working on developing a full agenda, in collaboration with our members and partners. We are looking for more input, so if you have ideas to share, or if you would like to take an active role in realising this workshop, get in touch with Hector at  

View and download the full concept note to see what topics we will approach in the annual workshop and the questions we will aim to answer by the end. 

how to connect

Details to come soon! Check back here for more information on how to connect to the annual workshop. 


Let us know that you would like to join! Follow the link below to the registration form and we will add you to our participants list so that you can receive all the latest information related to the event. 

Early-bird registration: 30 September 2020

Final registration: 20 October 2020

Annual Workshop 2020
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