NLP for Good: Key Insights from the #HackCorruption Program

#HackCorruption, developed by Accountability Lab in collaboration with Development Gateway and the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), brings together professionals from the fields of technology, data science, civil society and policy-making to develop innovative solutions to combat systemic challenges of corruption.

Gender Cheat Sheet: How Not to Lose the Gender Perspective

SHARE THIS ARTICLE Every March, International Women’s Day brings attention to gender inequalities and the need to further advance the rights of women and girls to close gender gaps. However, promoting women’s rights and gender equality must be a year-long pursuit. To help civil society organisations integrate a gender perspective in their work, Accountable Now, […]

Accountability is expensive – the cost(s) of being small & accountable

Originally written for and published on the Accountability Lab website. Read the original article here.  As a small non-profit with accountability in our name, we strive to institute mechanisms, policies and processes that demonstrate the highest norms and standards. However, with limited budgets and an expansive footprint across the globe – including many remote places – […]