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Equal opportunity and our values

Accountable Now is committed to ensuring a fair and equal recruitment process, and we seek to recruit staff from all sectors of the community. All applicants will be treated equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social status, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, age, disability, or any other factor that cannot be shown to be relevant to performance.

Accountable Now and its staff operate in line with the following organisational values:

  • Openness: We are transparent in all our activities and practice an open culture of feedback between staff members regardless of their position and also externally with any other stakeholders of the organisation.
  • Horizontality: We practice a culture of horizontal hierarchies and responsive decision making internally and externally.
  • Respect: We are respectful of people’s nationality, gender and religious background. We respect and value every person‘s opinion.
  • Self-critical: We have an open culture of discussing failures and improving our work through continuous learning.
  • Partnership: We value the expertise of others and want to establish mutual partnerships with everyone we interact with and break up common power structures.

Accountable Now

Accountable Now is legally registered in Germany at the following address:
c/o MACHWERK in der Alten Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin, Germany

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