We can only be effective and successful if we collaborate, exchange and learn from each other. This is why we build and strengthen relationships with initiatives, projects and organisations that also work towards changing accountability practices in CSOs.


The Global Standard aims to be a comprehensive and adaptable reference for CSO accountability. With a set of 12 commitments, CSOs work towards upholding these commitments and change internal and external practices to be more in-line with Dynamic Accountability.

Find out more about the initiative here.


The Resilient Roots initiative, coordinated by CIVICUS and in collaboration with Keystone Accountability and Accountable Now, is testing whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their roots – namely, their primary constituencies – are more resilient against external threats. 

Find out more about the project here

A new and exciting project, the Development Alternative has kicked off with a programme that is designing solutions to bridge the imbalance of power between the people, organisations and decision-makers involved in development work.

Find out about the project here.


Social Value International (SVI) is a global network focused on social impact and social value, working with its members to embed core principles for social value measurement and analysis, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy. Accountable Now began an institutional partnership with SVI in 2018 in order to exchange learnings and explore synergies around how we measure, report, and communicate about impact.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a donor driven initiative to provide more transparency on aid flows. It is a reporting protocol that allows for greater comparability of a huge quantity of data. As such, it complements Accountable Now’s intention to provide more information on the quality of CSO work. Accountable Now is a IATI member as of January 2014. This membership commits Accountable Now to promote the IATI standard and allows it to participate in its further development to better suit the needs of CSOs.    

Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. They unite the international development and humanitarian sector to drive global change by connecting people in the sector, influencing governments and policy-makers at national and international levels and strengthen organisations to be more impactful and sustainable through training, resources and support services. 

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