Workshops at Accountable Now

Members benefit from our Annual Workshops by meeting and sharing knowledge with accountability enthusiasts from CSOs based in countries from around the world. 

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Annual Workshop 2020


Preparing for a power-shift towards people and communities we work for and with: exploring new ways of working in the donor-grantee relationship


People-powered accountability for the SDGs: Boosting dialogue: How to use accountability to create impact that advances the SDGs.

Berlin, Germany

Stakeholder Data Informing Better Decisions

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ICSO Governance and Mutual Accountability: Reforming for the Present and Reshaping for the Future

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CSO Accountability in the Digital Age

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to establish a globally consistent accountability culture and practice in international CSOs?


How to be effectively accountable for advocacy work?

Brussels, Belgium

Public Challenges to Accountability: How the Charter can help

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

NGOs’ Environmental Performance

Brussels, Belgium

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