The development sector as a whole recognises that its efforts, whether it is finding climate solutions, tackling inequity, humanitarian actions, or advocating for more open and democratic societies, should be carried out alongside the people who we work for and with – i.e the people who are impacted directly by the actions that organisations and institutions carry out and finance. There is no doubt that well-targeted and impactful actions require collaboration with people, especially in ways that are facilitative for people to determine their needs, priorities and how certain problems could be solved.


During these past couple of years, the sector has been carrying out in-depth assessments and participating in a wide range of conversations with the purpose of identifying how they can work in a more inclusive and equitable way that seeks to enhance this collaboration and redress existing power imbalances. We all agree that power needs to be redistributed so that we can address systemic issues together, but how can this be done? 


For our Dynamic Accountability Dialogues: for Locally Led Development, Accountable Now would like to invite you to discuss the importance of strengthening our accountability efforts to advance a kind of development that is collaborative, community-led, people-driven and equitable. Dynamic Accountability underpins the ethos to our work at Accountable Now – it is an approach that is grounded in meaningful stakeholder engagement, specifically the people that we work for and with. This approach is not only about procedures; it is also about centring justice and equity, putting communities at the heart of our work, values-based decision-making, responsible leadership and much more. 


Through these Dialogues, we aim to:


  • Share and exchange on dynamic accountability practices
  • Explore ways to bring organisations closer to the people and communities that are affected by the work that they are carrying out
  • Learn about how dynamic accountability can support the sector to meet demands for locally-led development and power shift
  • Connect and collaborate for joint solutions to the challenges that the sector currently faces


Join us!


If you are an organisation, a funder, a foundation, a practitioner who is  interested in advancing locally-led actions, then join us to share and explore new ways of strengthening accountability processes in order to create fertile ground to ensure that everyone has a voice in the decisions that shape their lives. 


WHEN: May 22nd to 24th


WHERE: Online (Zoom)


WHO IS IT FOR: Anyone from an organisation, a funder, a foundation, or any practitioner who is  interested advancing locally-led actions. 


COST: Free

Join the pre-event conversation! Attend the event on LinkedIn and post in the discussion board. Introduce yourself! 

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We will share content before and live tweet during the event, so keep updated and join the conversation by following and using the hashtags:



#DADialogues #DynamicAccountability


The agenda is currently being finalised and the final speakers will be announced soon. Keep an eye on social media for updates! Keep scrolling to view all of our speakers bios.

Join us May 22nd – 24th for the following informative and engaging sessions:

Accountability and People Power in Climate Finance

May 22nd at 16:00 - 17:30 CEST (GMT+2)

Dynamic Accountability in Practice

May 23rd at 12:00 - 13:30 CEST (GMT+2)

What is My Role in Locally Led Development

May 24th at 15:00 - 16:30 CEST (GMT+2)

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