Our reporting and assessment framework aims to make our reporting process global and timely, in a way that delivers comparable data in plain language. Our framework has been prepared in consultation with the Independent Review Panel, Secretariat and a committee of five Members.

The Reporting Process

Accountable Now Members are required to report annually against the 12 Accountability Commitments. These Accountability Commitments are at the core of what we regard as good practice in CSO accountability and they form the value basis of Accountable Now. 

All Members have signed these 12 Accountability Commitments and seek to respect and promote them. They outline our common commitment to transparency and accountability as being essential for good governance, whether by governments, businesses or civil society. Wherever we operate we seek to ensure that the high standards which we demand of others are also respected in our Member organisations.

A comprehensive reporting framework allows us to assess if these promises are being delivered and our Independent Review panel ensure integrity and credibility. Once Members have handed in their Accountability Reports, the Secretariat pre-screens the reports before they are forwarded to the Independent Review Panel for in-depth and individual feedback. Recommended areas for progress are summarised by the Panel in an Improvement Analysis and all Members are invited to comment on the Panel’s feedback to the report, before it is published on our website. 

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Important documents

Take a closer look at the documents that guide our Members, Panel and Secretariat through the reporting process

The 12 Accountability Commitments

What we want to achieve

1. Justice & Equality

We will address injustice, exclusion, inequality, poverty and violence to create healthy societies for all.

2. Women's Rights & Gender Equality

We will promote women's and girl's rights and enhance gender equality.

3. Healthy planet

We will protect the natural environment and enhance its ability to support life for future generations.

4. Lasting positive change

We will deliver long-term positive results.

Our approach to change

5. People-driven Work

We will ensure that the people we work with have a key role in driving our work.

6. Strong partnerships

We will work in fair and respectful partnerships to achieve shared goals.

7. Advocating for fundamental change

We will address root causes by advocating for fundamental change.

8. Open organisations

We will be transparent about who we are, what we do and our successes and failures.

What we do internally

9. Empowered and effective staff and volunteers

We will invest in staff and volunteers to develop their full potential and achieve our goals.

10. Well-handled resources

We will handle our resources responsibly to reach our goals and serve the public good.

11. Responsive decision-making

We will ensure our decisions are responsive to feedback from the people affected by our work, partners, volunteers and staff.

12. Responsible leadership

We will ensure our management and governing body are accountable.

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Accountable Now

Accountable Now is legally registered in Germany at the following address:
c/o MACHWERK in der Alten Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin, Germany

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