The work we do is defined by our dynamic approach to accountability. Our work is grounded by principles of meaningful engagement with all stakeholders, where we aim to promote and instil inclusive and participatory accountability practices.

What is Dynamic Accountability? 

Dynamic Accountability is a systemic approach to CSO accountability that is grounded in processes of meaningful engagement with all stakeholders that are inclusive, participatory and continuously practiced. 

It is about creating a transformational relationship between a CSO and its stakeholders. It implies the need to make a whole organisation’s way of working adaptive to these stakeholders needs. This includes redressing unequal power dynamics and building mutual partnerships. CSOs move beyond the hierarchical accountability ladder to a more horizontal and mutual approach.

Dynamic Accountability also recognises that relationship-building with all stakeholders is necessary to truly achieve systemic change in the form of a power-shift with and outside the organisation. Relationship-building enables different stakeholders to be part of this power-shift agenda. In this way, the people we work for and with become recognised drivers of the CSO work that affects their own lives.

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How can Dynamic Accountability be practiced?

Accountable Now is here to help its Members and network embed Dynamic Accountability practices into their work. But where to begin? 

Our 12 Accountability Commitments are our framework. They form a comprehensive set of standards upon which an organisation can assess their accountability. This is the approach we ask our Members to take and this is the approach we widely promote.

Embedding these Dynamic Accountability principles entirely into the foundation of the project, the Global Standard for CSO Accountability promotes the 12 Accountability Commitments and helps CSOs from around the world align with these commitments and transform their organisation. Find out more about this project, formed by 10 global accountability networks and learn how you can begin your journey towards changing your own accountability practices.

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