January 10, 2019

In Germany and across the world, the civil society sector is continuously evolving and flourishing in impactful and dynamic ways. Civil society organisations (CSOs) often times exist to enable better societies, amplify the voices of underrepresented or disadvantaged people, and work with government and private sectors to achieve lasting sustainable development.

CSOs are important actors of society, yet they are increasingly threatened and scrutinized. Whether through repressive laws, arbitrary arrests, defamation or own misconducts, organisations are facing a greater need to demonstrate legitimacy, transparency, and accountability.

This was why the Global Standard for CSO Accountability was created. It provides a set of commitments and guidance questions to help organisations and donors alike in assessing and improving their practices. More importantly, it promotes a dynamic approach that is inclusive, participatory, and bottom-up, which challenges static traditional forms of accountability. Strengthening CSO accountability is crucial in becoming resilient in light of shrinking civic space and in increasing impact.

Join our workshop and networking event to:

  • discuss the importance of accountability in our sector especially in recent years
  • learn how the Global Standard is being used in countries such as Uganda, India, Cambodia, USA, and others. Some of our partner organisations will be sharing insights and experiences in engaging with the Global Standard.
  • share and discuss its relevance for you as CSOs or donors working locally or in other countries.


Register for the Global Standard workshop and networking event

Date and time: Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 17:00-19:30 Berlin time
Location: Ahoy! Berlin, Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin
Participation Fee: none

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  • Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the workshop or your registration - we are happy to help!

    Joannadee Paje
    Project Officer for the Global Standard for CSO Accountability

    Tel: +49 30 2062 4697 12

    We look forward to your participation!