Brendan Halloran has 15 years of strategy, research, learning and leadership experience on governance and accountability programming from grassroots local action to global initiatives.  Dr. Halloran has held organisational leadership positions in a leading INGO working on fiscal governance (International Budget Partnership, IBP) and the secretariat for a donor collaborative on public governance (Transparency and Accountability Initiative, TAI), as well as advisory roles in the Open Government Partnership and Accountability Research Center at American University. In his diverse roles, Dr. Halloran has supported partnerships, communities and events that enabled collective learning for improved practice.  He convened the TALEARN community of practice that brought together researchers, donors and implementers to deepen evidence and lessons for more effective programming in the areas of transparency and accountability.  He has designed and facilitated many virtual and in person workshops and roundtables to generate dialogue and shared insights on strategy, evidence, adaptation and learning approaches for governance-focused organisations and programs.