Receiving feedback from stakeholders and turning this process into a meaningful conversation is at the heart of every Accountable Now member’s work. However, putting theory into practice can be difficult and confronts implementers with many expected but also unforeseen challenges. In the Accountable Now community of practice, we enable our members to address this collectively and learn from each other: Join our new feedback and complaints mechanism Challenge.

The Challenge

Civil Society Organisations should have a fully functioning external feedback and complaints mechanism that includes the following principles:

  • Accountability
  • Timeliness
  • Confidentiality
  • Documentation
  • Mutual respect
  • Learning
  • Transparency with respect to confidential information
  • Closed Feedback Loops
  • Actual Change

The 100-day Goal

1. By the 100th day of the Challenge, every Accountable Now member participating in the challenge has a fully functioning external feedback and complaints mechanism

Based on how advanced Accountable Now members are this should include:

  • A policy in place on how feedback and complaints are processed and a clear plan on how they want to achieve the goals below
  • The complaints mechanism should be clearly visible on the member’s website and is separate from, or has a dedicated section within, the general “contact us”/info@ methods of getting in touch
  • Someone in place who monitors, documents and processes incoming messages and gets back to the people who have filed the complaint
  • Publish a general overview of at least the nature of complaints (in case the details can’t be published out of privacy regulations) on their website

2. Best practices are captured based on context and shared with the wider CSO community to promote our members’ efforts.

The Approach

The participants of the “Challenge on feedback and complaints mechanisms” will work together as a peer advice team facilitated by Accountable Now. The team will work together for 100 days and run through the 100 day Master-the-challenge-cycle while adhering to the Dynamic Accountability principle.