Accountable Now is an active community of practice. Our Members participate in on-going Peer Advice Groups where colleagues from various organisations meet peers to share knowledge and exchange challenges in a trusted and confidential setting.

From approaching topics of governance, programming, organisational learning, complaints and feedback, environmental performance, anti-corruption and stakeholder engagement, our Peer Advice Groups give us the chance to work closely with our members to understand new approaches to common challenges across different themes. Find out more about our most recent PAGs below.

Receiving feedback from stakeholders and turning this process into a meaningful conversation is at the heart of every Accountable Now member’s work. However, putting theory intro practice can be difficult and it can confront implementors with many expected but also unforeseen challenges. 

In 2019 we challenged six of our Member organisations to develop a fully functional feedback and complaints mechanism in 100 days. Over the course of the challenge, we discussed the difference between feedback and formal complaints, different online and offline mechanisms, safeguarding, tracking and responding to feedback, promoting the use of our mechanisms, and publicly reporting on complaints received.

Check out our lessons learned in our 12 steps to a great online feedback and complaints mechanism blog!

Our latest Peer Advice Group was formed by individuals from Accountable Now Members Organisations, with an interest and curiosity on Impact Measurement. The PAG was facilitated by Natalia Gubbioni (Amnesty International) and Hector Payo (Accountable Now). 

From July – October we approached the thematic areas within Impact Measurement: contribution vs. attribution; identifying impact indicators; impact awareness culture, and impact sharing & learning using peer learning and exchange to pave the way for a longer term CoP. Find out the outcomes and learnings made here

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