December 17, 2018

Restless Development works towards more sustainable outcomes through its partnerships, capacity-building efforts, and leadership around peer learning and exchange. A focus on equal, mutually beneficial partnerships and making use of existing structures make this a strong approach.



Restless Development is committed to capacity building for its partners at various levels and supports increased Southern CSO engagement in advocacy and influencing. There is a focus on reaching out beyond target implementation groups and countries, with support given to a variety of alliances, networks, and individual partners.

Partnerships are based on common visions and goals, increasing impact, and comparative advantage. Restless provides capacity-building on technical, strategic, and influencing skills at the grassroots level and policy engagement at national level. A key part of Restless’ efforts is convening; bringing youth voices to different fora and training young people on advocacy. Restless also advises institutions on how to improve engagement with youth and trains organisations on how to provide youth-friendly services.

There is a focus on working through existing structures, which leads to more sustainable outcomes, and bringing innovation from the grassroots level into resources which are shared within and beyond the sector. Restless leads and participates in various learning groups, conferences and networks to this end.


For more details and examples of partnerships Restless Development has facilitated at various levels, see their 2016/17 accountability report.