December 17, 2018

MIO-ECSDE’s detailed thinking around fundraising, and efforts to increase and diversify funding whilst maintaining independence, make for a strong approach.



MIO-ECSDE sees its reputation, integrity, high calibre and independence as its main capital, and highlights the importance of safeguarding these qualities. In practice, this means there are criteria regarding the sources and conditions of funding from private sources – these must be transparent, carefully scrutinised, and free from any influence on MIO-ECSDE’s policy and strategy.

MIO-ECSDE’s main fundraising targets are EU and UN calls and programmes, but national, local, and private sources are also pursued. When direct funding is not possible, MIO-ECSDE seeks to maximize in-kind contributions through strategic synergies and partnerships. Core funding is seen as key, in order to dedicate more time and effort to policy related work and maintain a robust management and Secretariat. Diversification of core funding is therefore a main objective of MIO-ECSDE’s 2018-2019 fundraising strategy, together with increased involvement of Executive Bureau members in fundraising efforts.


For more information see MIO-ECSDE’s 2017 accountability report.