December 17, 2018

IPPF has a sound approach to privacy and data protection. Their efforts to communicate their policies in a simple and accessible manner, support member associations in rolling out new systems, and continuing to explore the strength of their systems demonstrate a particular commitment to this issue.



In 2017 IPPF’s Governing Council approved a policy on Ethical, Efficient and Effective Health Systems in 2017 (policy 4.11 in IPPF’s Policy Handbook) which guides the collection, storage and management of client information. The policy aims to protect clients’ information and privacy, as well as to improve efficiency and client-centred care. In order to provide a simple overview of the policy to clinic-based stakeholders, a video was created in English, French, and Spanish.

A handbook was created to support Member Associations in adopting clinic management information systems and maintaining client confidentiality, in line with the new policy. Risk assessments are also being piloted to measure the vulnerability of data.


Next steps?

IPPF does not have a stand-alone data protection policy, but has flagged this as an issue to address. Creation of such a policy, as well as further efforts towards compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, will further strengthen IPPF’s approach.

For more information see IPPF’s 2017 accountability report.