December 17, 2018

IPPF provides training and resources to its member associations, other organisations, and target populations to multiply the impact and increase the sustainability of its work. Training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and diversification of funding through social enterprise programmes are two particularly commendable efforts to this end.



IPPF equips its member associations with the resources to create lasting change at the local level. Various resources on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), including a CSE toolkit, are passed on to member associations, and in turn to other groups who can themselves provide CSE. This is expected to have a multiplying effect.

Member associations are also supported to diversify their funding through social enterprise programmes. In the current environment of government funding cuts, this can strengthen local organisations’ ability to continue operating.

IPPF also ensures increased buy-in and participation from target populations by raising awareness in, mobilising, and empowering local communities. This is expected to lead to longer lasting impacts, and continuation of the work by local communities beyond the project life cycle.


Next steps?

If IPPF could collect longer-term data on outcomes and impact beyond the life cycle of their projects, the multiplying/trickle-down effect of their efforts could be better demonstrated.


For more information and some examples of CSE delivered in 2017 by IPPF’s member associations, see their 2017 accountability report.