December 17, 2018

MIO-ECSDE’s dedication and comprehensive approach to mitigating their environmental impact goes beyond reducing carbon footprint and energy use.



MIO-ECSDE has several initiatives in place to reduce their consumption of energy, water, and paper, and the ecological footprint of projects and meetings. Staff as well as the office cleaning company are briefed on recycling, and eco-friendly cleaning products are used. Staff are encouraged to have plastic-free and (near) paperless meetings, and video-conferencing is used increasingly (including for Board meetings and AGMs, which are now held physically only every 2-3 years). A thorough green events policy requires venues to apply eco-standards and provide plastic free catering services and locally sourced food.


Next steps?

An official system to measure and monitor MIO-ECSDE’s environmental impact is not currently in place, but MIO-ECSDE has expressed its commitment to more systematically monitoring, reporting, and limiting its environmental footprint in the coming years. One way to further strengthen this effort would be by setting and working towards certain targets.

For more details about MIO-ECSDE’s various efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, see their 2017 accountability report.