Stakeholder Engagement

La confianza, el gran aporte de la rendición de cuentas a América Latina

América Latina es una región injusta si consideramos que carga con el título de la más desigual (CEPAL, 2016) y también, la más desconfiada del planeta (Latinobarómetro, 2015). Mientras que recientemente un estudio de Oxfam señala que el 10% más rico de la región acumula el 68% de la riqueza total, por otra parte, también recientemente, según CEPAL, en América Latina la

Creating processes for people-powered decision making

Over the past few months, six civil society organisations (CSOs) have ventured into implementing new processes in their day-to-day work with their stakeholders. At the core of the project lies the assumption that integrating feedback from stakeholders into decision making more frequently helps achieve two key challenges at the same time: working more effectively with stakeholders and

What data do you have on your stakeholders?

By Christian Franz, Founder of CPC Analytics This was the question that we asked six international civil society organisations at the very beginning of our project. What seemed like an easy – or at least straightforward – question, proved to trigger a whole set of further questions which reached far beyond the teams responsible for monitoring, evaluation,

Being accountable to 250,000 people: A symbiotic relationship

Sightsavers’ Fundraising Director shares the importance of accountability and engagement with Sightsavers’ supporters, and the impact this has on her work.   I take my role seriously as a Fundraising Director; it’s a huge responsibility. Not only does my team need to raise money to support our organisation and beneficiaries, but we need to be

Creating change with, not for, people

This blog was first published on Feedback Labs with the support of Feedback Labs’ Collaboration Fund. With the arrival of digital players like Facebook, Airbnb or Wikipedia, people’s expectation of how to engage with institutions has fundamentally changed. No longer are they content to just receive the occasional report or letter to be informed after things have already happened. Today’s

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