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Resilient Roots: 10 tips to ensure a meaningful dialogue with your primary constituents

By Isabelle Büchner (Accountable Now) and Belen Giaquinta (CIVICUS) for the Resilient Roots project.        By now, you have designed your accountability feedback mechanism, and you have collected and analysed the feedback from your primary constituents. Now it is time for perhaps the most important part of building trust with your primary constituents: meaningful dialogue. Meaningful dialogue means going back

IYN Trains Young People in Nigeria to Promote Accountability Through Art

By Ayomikun Olugbode, Account Art Project at Inspired Youth Network  Inspired Youth Network (IYN) support young people to demand accountability and transparency through awareness, capacity building and policy advocacy.  Art allows young people to express themselves in their own way and pace and it can increase their creative skills in advocacy. It helps young people to develop

10 offers from the “Development Alternative” to do development differently

September 03, 2019 Isabelle Büchner,  Accountable Now The truth is, the development sector has a big problem: The way development is currently organised, managed and funded is grounded in unequal power-relationships – especially when it comes to the people, communities and local organisations affected by international development work. In order to put a spotlight on this

How resilient are our pilot partners to civic space threats?

June 19, 2019 Soulayma Mardam Bey and Jack Cornforth, CIVICUS In recent years, “Resilience” has made its way into international development’s buzzword bingo board. Yet despite its increasing popularity, the concept often remains poorly understood. In this article, and during our upcoming Resilient Roots event at ICSW 2019 (Wednesday afternoon ), we will take a closer look at what this

Accountability in social enterprises around the world

By Alexandra Ioan, Project Manager at Ashoka Germany and PhD Candidate at the Hertie School of Governance Civil society organisations have been undergoing transformations in the past decades as a result of changing welfare systems and market economies around the world. One of these changes is the increased focused on combining social and commercial purposes in

Creating processes for people-powered decision making

Over the past few months, six civil society organisations (CSOs) have ventured into implementing new processes in their day-to-day work with their stakeholders. At the core of the project lies the assumption that integrating feedback from stakeholders into decision making more frequently helps achieve two key challenges at the same time: working more effectively with stakeholders and

Complementing our primary accountability towards children

April 27, 2017 By Richard Pichler, Special Representative for External Affairs and Resources at SOS Children’s Villages International. Richard Pichler led the global organization as the CEO from 1995 to 2015, broadened portfolio and impact for most vulnerable children, engaged with his peers in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Richard Pichler shares how SOS Children’s Villages aligns its strategy

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