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12 steps to a great online feedback and complaints mechanism

February 21, 2020 Ezgi Akarsu,  Accountable Now   In 2019 Accountable Now held a 100 Day Challenge for our members to work on strengthening their feedback and complaints mechanisms. Six member organisations took part, as did Accountable Now (check out our new Feedback and Complaints policy). Over the course of the challenge, we discussed the difference between feedback and

The Oxfam scandal: Let’s have an honest conversation about accountability

By Dr Angela Crack, University of Portsmouth *All views and statements represent those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Accountable Now. The slew of bad publicity that has affected the sector in the wake of the Oxfam scandal shows little sign of abating. The Times recently ran a story making fresh allegations about staff misconduct

CSO Accountability: How effective are whistle-blower systems?

Our blog discusses strengthening accountability and transparency at the global and national level. Here we present some take-aways from the direct impact group’s interview with top CSO accountability experts about implementing whistle-blower systems.   In 2016, Accountable Now tasked the direct impact group with an assessment of 40 international CSOs in six different areas of accountability. The study demonstrated the

How effectively do INGOs hold governments or themselves to account?

By Muhammad Taher, Research and Evaluation Consultant   Our blog discusses strengthening accountability and transparency at the global and national level. In this series we look at positive examples to promote good accountability practice in the civil society sector. Feel free to debate, share and interact. Muhammad Taher is a Bangladeshi research and evaluation consultant

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