When and where

Registration is now open! Register until 15 April 2020 for our virtual AGM:

12:00 – 13:00 (CET): Optional (but super fun!) networking session

13:00 – 15:00 (CET): AGM virtual conference

Online platform (tbc)

What to expect

As a result of the restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus as well as the need to ensure the health and safety of staff and participants, we will host our 2020 Annual General Meeting online in a virtual conference. Each year we look forward to seeing our members face-to-face and though now we will miss out on the opportunity, we will aim to provide another chance in 2020 for us all to gather and discuss our latest accountability breakthroughs in person.

We are still in the process of designing and fine-tuning all aspects of this virtual AGM so that we can offer you an insightful and interactive virtual conference. Unlike our usual AGM which takes place over two days, this virtual meeting will be short and snappy and take place over 2 hours, with an additional hour given for networking before we kick-off the AGM. 

We won’t make this virtual conference purely about the business side of things. We will use these few hours to share and discuss accountability in crisis and the opportunities that can arise: what are the lessons we have learnt over the last months; how can CSOs continue to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders, and deliver impactful programs during times of crisis, change and uncertainty? This is our chance to come together, brainstorm and share.

We will also launch two Peer Advice Groups, made available only to our members: one on impact measurement and one on safeguarding. The introduction to these two PAGs will be run in parallel and we hope to catch your interest and have you join this co-learning experience!

But we cannot fully leave the business-side of things aside. We will dedicate a short but effective session on our articles of association 2019 finances and budget. Prep papers will be sent in advance to ensure all participants are up-to-date with this important information. 

We are looking forward to speaking to you all in our first ever virtual AGM! Find out more information below and register by the 15 April to claim your spot!

the agenda

We are currently in the process of building our agenda which we will share with you and upload here when it is finalised. 


We will soon update this page with information on the platforms we will be using for our virtual conference. 

But get started and makesure you are connected with us on Twitter @Accountable_Now


Let us know that you would like to join! Follow the link below to the registration form and we will add you to our participants list so that you can receive all the latest information related to the event. 

Deadline to register: 15 April 2020

To create a dynamic and informative networking session, we will contact all registered participants and ask them to share a photo and short biography that we will upload to this AGM webpage. 

AGM 2020
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