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21.11.2017, Suva, Fiji 

At the International Civil Society Week 2017 on 6 December, in Suva, Fiji the Global Standard for CSO Accountability will hold its official launch as a tool for Dynamic Accountability in the CSO (Civil Society Organisation) sector.  

Åsa Månsson, Project Director of the Global Standard, describes the Global Standard in the following way: 

“Working with the Global Standard allows CSOs to gain insight into the demands and needs of their stakeholders. With its 12 Commitments for Dynamic Accountability, the Global Standard urges organisations to engage in a dialogue with all their stakeholders, especially affected people. If this dynamic approach to accountability is practiced by thousands of CSOs, it has the potential to transform the Civil Society sector into a highly participative and responsive actor, generating trust on the ground and leveraging stakeholder contributions for greater impact.” 

The Global Standard has been developed by nine accountability initiatives from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with their members and partners, the nine initiatives worked to find a common ground based on their own accountability practices and standards. Each of them brought an enormous set of experiences from this field to the table and together they created something that unites the goals and values of Civil Society worldwide. 

The creation of the Global Standard has been welcomed by many international organisations. Irina Boboc, of The Romanian NDGO Platform – FOND said: “I think the Global Standard is a very interesting and pragmatic tool and one that could be very useful in raising the profile of NGOs at the national and regional level and contribute to an enabling environment for CSOs.” 

Since its completion, numerous organisations have started to work with the Global Standard. One of them is Konsil LSM, which focuses on improving CSO accountability practice in Indonesia. “By getting involved in this global initiative, Konsil LSM can broaden its networks and get support from across the world to campaign on the importance of accountability in the CSO sector in Indonesia. This will strengthen our bargaining position in front of the government”, says Serlyeti Pulu, Executive Director of Konsil LSM. 

Join the conversation on Dynamic Accountability and follow the launch via social media during the “Global Week of Dynamic Accountability” from 30 November to 6 December leading up to the launch. Under the hashtag #DynamicAccountability we encourage CSOs to tell us why feedback and engaging in a stakeholder dialogue is important in their organisation. 

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