Accountable Now is a global membership platform that supports civil society organisations (CSOs) in being transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact. Our Members are internationally operating CSOs who drive this agenda together with us.

Accountable Now was founded in 2008 by 10 leading international CSOs, including development, humanitarian, environmental, rights-based and advocacy organisations.

As Membership and global collaboration increase, our collective voice is strengthened. Today, we have 27 Member Organisations which are active in more than 150 countries and impact stakeholders all over the world.

Be part of our accountability community and connect with international civil society organisations focused on improving accountability practices. 

Created by the Accountable Now Secretariat with the help and support of the Board of Governors and Members, our Beyond 2018 Strategy forms the basis of the work done at Accountable Now to further CSO accountability.

We are a membership network made up of 27 civil society organisations. Find out more about who our Members are and how they are improving their accountability practices by reading their accountability reports. 

Accountable Now is made up of a Secretariat, Board of Governors and an Independent Review Panel who review our Member accountability reports. Take a look for yourself, who is working for Accountable Now!

Our Members

Accountable Now

Accountable Now is legally registered in Germany at the following address:
c/o MACHWERK in der Alten Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin, Germany

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