Accountable Now is a registered charity in the UK, as well as a company limited by guarantee by the name International NGO Charter of Accountability Company Ltd under the address of Amnesty International, 1 Easton Street, London WC1X 0DW, UK. It is owned by its Members and managed by a Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Accountable Now started as an initiave by international CSOs in 2006 and was formally established as an organisation in February 2008 by 10 founding Members. The Management Committee was succeeded by a Board that took on the responsibilities of overseeing the direction of Accountable Now. The Board consists of representatives from the Member Organisations as well as independent Trustees. The Board guides the development of Accountable Now; makes all decisions regarding Membership and oversees the work of the Secretariat. Please find the current Trustees below.

Brendan Gormley
Brendan GormleyChair of the Board
Independent Trustee

Brendan works as a self-employed international development consultant. From 2000 to 2012 he was CEO of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) after serving as Asia and Latin America Director as well as Africa Director for Oxfam UK. Brendan previously served as an Independent Review Panel member for Accountable Now.

Caroline Harper
Caroline HarperVice Chair of the Board
Chief Executive Officer,
Sightsavers International

Caroline joined Sightsavers in 2005. As the organisation’s CEO she transformed Sightsavers from a UK centric medical charity to an international development organisation which is now approaching its mission in a more professional and developmental way. Sightsavers now attracts support from governments and individuals, and has a much higher profile with UN bodies, DFID and other development NGOs.

Bettie van Straaten
Bettie van StraatenTreasurer of the Board
Director of Operations,

Bettie is Director of Operations at CIVICUS and responsible for oversight of and instituting good practice in the organisation’s finances and operations, as well as the organisation’s compliance with legal and statutory requirements. Based in Johannesburg, Bettie has held a range of executive and senior level positions over the last 15 years and more – including CFO of Transnet or CEO of MERSETA.

Janet Dalziell
Janet Dalziell
International People and Culture Director,
Greenpeace International

As Global HR Director, Janet is leading Greenpeace’s global People Strategy. Janet has spearheaded the international Greenpeace campaign to stop climate change, represented Greenpeace at intergovernmental negotiations, and led three expeditions to Antarctica. Other previous positions within Greenpeace International include Director of Global Development, Head of HR and Head of the Executive Directors’ Office.

Elie Gasagara
Elie Gasagara
Partnership Leader, Global Accountability,
World Vision International

Elie has been with World Vision for about 15 years as Program Development Advisor and Accountability Specialist, based in Nairobi. He has worked for the private sector and government before joining the NGO sector. He held various leadership and field roles, both within and outside of World Vision. Over the years, he was involved in managing development and humanitarian operations in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Rosa Inés Ospina
Rosa Inés Ospina
Co-Director of Rendir Cuentas and National Director of Red de ONG por la Transparencia

Previously Rosa has been Vice Chair of Transparency International Colombia and President of Transparencia por Colombia. She has also been involved with consultancies for the World Bank and for civil society organisations. Rendir Cuentas is a group of 25 civil society organisations from 6 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that have joined forces to promote transparency and accountability.

Janet Naumi Mawiyoo
Janet Naumi Mawiyoo
CEO of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) and Chair of VIWANGO

Janet has been in the development sector for the last 30 years, having spent 14 years with Action Aid International in both Kenya and Tanzania. She is a certified Organisation Development consultant and serves in a couple of non-profit Boards including Trust Africa which is a Pan African philanthropic

Perry Maddox
Perry Maddox
Chief Executive Officer,
Restless Development

Perry serves as Restless Development’s Chief Operating Officer. Previously he worked with at-risk youth in Nicaragua, community development in Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica, and with volunteer-led development in Paraguay. Perry joined Restless Development in 2009 as the Country Director in Uganda.

Photo Brendan Gormley by Christian Ihrybauer