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How dynamic is our accountability to stakeholders?

December 11th, 2018|Dynamic Accountability, Governance & Management, Stakeholder engagement|

The concept demands a new approach to accountability, which (i) moves beyond beneficiary feedback, to encompass all stakeholders – the people we work for and with (traditionally referred to as beneficiaries), our own staff, local partners, governments, donors and others; (ii) requires a two-way exchange of feedback between CSOs and stakeholders, (iii) ensures that this [...]

Dynamic Accountability Week: Recap & Learnings

December 3rd, 2018|Dynamic Accountability, Governance & Management, Stakeholder engagement|

Key Learnings  Accountability is a broad concept with different organisations applying a variety of meanings to it. Our Dynamic Accountability Week gave us the opportunity to discover and learn more about accountability and how the concept is seen across the world. If you followed us on social media, you could see that accountability has been characterised in many (buzz)words: active participation, meaningful dialogue, responsiveness, closing feedback loops, and impact measurement, among [...]