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Complementing our primary accountability towards children

As civil society organisations (CSOs) we have argued for and utilised to a large extent our space for advocating for the interests of our constituencies in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This went as far as the declared understanding that development and implementation of the SDGs as a global agenda is a project of governments, […]

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Being accountable to 250,000 people: A symbiotic relationship

I take my role seriously as a Fundraising Director; it’s a huge responsibility. Not only does my team need to raise money to support our organisation and beneficiaries, but we need to be accountable for spending supporters’ money on what we deem most appropriate and beneficial. As an organisation we couldn’t exist without our supporters. […]

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CSO Accountability: How effective are whistle-blower systems?

In 2016, Accountable Now tasked the direct impact group with an assessment of 40 international CSOs in six different areas of accountability. The study demonstrated the achievements of the civil society sector, as well as addressing areas for improvement in CSO accountability. Based on the results of the study, direct impact group’s Ronald Pinto conducted […]


What’s “accountability” in the eyes of youth?

Accountability concepts and practices have been refined over decades now. But are they meaningful for young people? It is these young people who are the future of our sector and there are more of them now than at any point in history. In this webinar, we shared insights from Restless Development and CIVICUS on youth […]

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Dynamic accountability – building trust through nuanced transparency

We are proud to announce that one of our Members, Restless Development, won this year’s Bond Transparency Award! Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development which supports young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. The organisation has been a Member of Accountable Now since 2015 and is highly involved […]

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World YWCA Accountability Report 2015

“For the World YWCA, accountability is a pillar of our mission to make a difference to the rights of women, young women and girls around the world each and every day. […]”

Amnesty International
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Amnesty International’s stakeholder involvement

NGO 1 Involvement of affected stakeholder groups & NGO 5 Advocacy positions and public awareness campaigns Amnesty International Accountability Report 2015 Reason for Good Practice selection: Amnesty has taken a proactive approach to develop and embed participatory practices throughout all aspects and phases of their work to ensure involvement of affected stakeholder groups (NGO1), and […]

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Educo’s co-auditing system

NGO7: Resource allocation, tracking and control Educo Accountability Report 2014 Reason for Good Practice selection: Educo is commended on the implementation of a co-auditing system in which two independent auditing firms are bond to reach a consensus on the accounts. Educos audited financial statements are presented annually to the Protectorate of Foundations of the Generalitat […]

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World Vision International Interim Accountability Report 2015

“Taking part in a relief distribution in one of the worst-affected areas, I was pleased to note that staff were on hand to listen to the comments of people queuing to receive essential supplies, and that there was a box nailed to a post in which written notes could be deposited. […]”

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Transparency International Accountability Report 2014

“Since 1993, Transparency International – Secretariat (TI-S) serves Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption. Ever since, systemic solutions have always been at the heart of our approach and the promotion of transparency and accountability not only mirrored in our name but obviously also inextricably connected with our cause, not only as values that we […]

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Sightsavers Accountability Report 2015

“Sightsavers’ primary operating model is to work with partners from the countries in which we work. We work together with these partners to deliver our programmes and provide a mixture of grants, capacity building, training and technical expertise as well as ensuring that the work is well managed and beneficiary and supporter requirements are met. […]

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Plan International Accountability Report 2014/15

“Plan’s so-called federation-wide Mutual Accountability understands accountability as a more consistent and results-driven way of making decisions internally which also enhances Plan’s external credibility. […]”